About Agile Designer Homes


Our mission is to help you design, innovate and construct a custom built home in a trusted environment, working closely with you to achieve the quality build that you deserve.

We will exceed your expectations.


  • Integrity – what we say, we will do.

  • Quality – our builds are carried out with a checklist, green light quality control system to ensure that work quality, accuracy of scope & client expectations are met throughout the duration of the project. 

  • Innovation – as custom builders we specialise in innovation and anticipate changing requirements.

  • Critical thinkers – our commitment to you is to work through any build issues that arise during the design and construction phase – all problems have a solution. 

  • Communication – we will keep you involved at every stage of the build.  Unlike volume driven builders, we are able to offer a unique personalised service and pride ourselves in keeping you informed as we take you along this exciting journey. 

Corey Whittaker


Director/Licenced Builder

Corey was destined to be a builder from a very young age. His tradesman father built their family home so from the tender age of five, he was on a building site, learning the disciplines of physical work.  

Corey has 32 years in the building industry which led him to establish Agile Designer Homes. A large number of construction companies did not have the reserves to survive the challenges of COVID-19. Corey saw an opportunity to capitalise on that and fill the gap in the market.  Coming from a strong financial base and a passion to want to help people achieve their goals, he set up Agile Designer Homes.

He believes any project is only as good as the information and communication surrounding it. Strength in these areas is what true building is – the physical element is just the outcome. As such, Corey is committed to spending time with clients to ensure their needs are met and making dreams reality.


Residential design and construction is where Corey’s passion lays coming from working alongside his dad all those years ago. He thrives off the ability to create innovative space for people and families to live and grow.