Custom Builds
Corian Kitchen 3

Agile Designer Homes has the expertise and experience to provide you with a quality, cost effective custom build.


Working closely with you, we can manage every aspect of your build, right through to assistance with selling or leasing of the completed property if required.

Planning & Design

We invest heavily in the Planning and Design stages to ensure everything is set up, communicated and managed correctly to minimise the third party costs that often creep in with ongoing revisions and issues.  The investment at this stage also sets everything up for a smoother construction phase.

Construction & Project Management

The build stage of your project is a multi-faceted process requiring strategic planning, multi-tasking and critical problem solving skills.  We have a team of experts at Property Advance, an independent consulting firm, that will walk you through this process and help deliver you a quality product, on time and within budget.

Property Advance will help you navigate through the various stages from dealings with architects and surveyors to meetings with councils and interior design consultants – they are here as your advocate and will always act in your best interest.