Feasibility Assessment
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Prior to commencing any major projects, we can undertake a detailed Feasibility Assessment to help you make an informed and considered decision as to whether to proceed with your project.

This assessment addresses key questions such as: 

  1. Does the planning zone, overlays, neighbourhood character and other legislative and council restrictions allow the type of project envisaged? 

  2. What is the size of the dwelling possible given these restrictions?

  3. How much should it cost to build this dwelling on this site (considering the slope of the block, access and other factors)?

  4. What are all the other development costs; surveyor, building designer, town planner, the many different council fees, authority fees (for services including power, water, sewer, NBN), demolition, subdivision, owners corporation, etc.)?

Our consulting partners, Property Advance, provide a Feasibility Assessment which addresses these questions and provides a comprehensive cost estimate. 

A Feasibility Assessment report can be requested by completing our contact form