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The Beaufort.JPG

The Beaufort

Width 12.70m - Length 18.50m

With 4 bedrooms, a great sized ensuite, walk-in pantry and large walk-in robe you can see why the Beaufort is such a popular design. The kitchen, eating and family area come together nicely and lead into the outside living area, all this under 210m2.

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The Cardinia.JPG

The Cardinia

Width 12.75m - Length 20.77m

The Cardinia comes with a number of design options which means you can choose between a 3 or 4 bedroom design to suit your family's needs.

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The Ceres.JPG

The Ceres

Width 12.70m - Length 21.12m

Our number one seller as it provides privacy, outside living and a great master bedroom all at a very reasonable price.

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The Cosgrove.JPG

The Cosgrove

Width 14.48m - Length 21.14m

The Cosgrove is a unique design which features a few different items from your standard homes such as a dressing area off the ensuite and a study nook between the bedrooms.

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The Fitzroy.JPG

The Fitzroy

1. Width 14.85m -Length 23.30m

At its heart, the Fitzroy is a 4 bedroom family home offering 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 2 living spaces but also offers some design options to allow for personalisation.

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The Beaconsfield.JPG

The Hamlyn

Width 14.41m - Length 25.41m

In the top 10 IBN designs. The Hamlyn is all about living in style with a walk-in robe for all bedrooms, a huge ensuite, separate study and a second kitchen. There is not much that the Hamlyn does not have.

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2. Width 14.85m -Length 23.30m

3. Width 14.85m - Length 23.89m

The Highton.JPG

The Highton

Width 12.70m - Length 21.72m

For a long time, the Highton has been one of IBN’s most popular designs. A spacious 3 bedroom design with a study nook, second living area and a family area that opens into the outside living. It is quite easy to see why the Highton is so popular.

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The Higton Warrabily.JPG

The Highton Warralily

Width 12.70m - Length 22.32m

Due to the popularity of the standard Highton, we decided to create a new design called the Highton Warralily which features larger bedrooms, a second kitchen, an improved ensuite and re-designed living areas.

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The Nowra.JPG

The Nowra

Width 13.69m - Length 22.10m

Featuring the living area at the front of the design and master bedroom behind the garage allows the Nowra to create some great feature areas such as the huge second kitchen and built-in outside living area.

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The Oxley.JPG

The Oxley

Width 14.48m - Length 24.43m

The Oxley is a larger version of the Cosgrove and has the same features just in a larger version.

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The Sandhurst.JPG

The Sandhurst

Width 13.40m - Length 22.00m

With a master bedroom that features a huge walk-in robe and generously sized ensuite, the Sandhurst makes a big statement from when you first walk through the front door. Throw another 3 bedrooms and a second kitchen in which really allow this design to stand out.

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The Tatura.JPG

The Tatura

Width 14.48m - Length 26.72m

A bigger version of the Oxley the Tatura adds size to the main areas of the house but also adds in a leisure and powder room.

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